Full Moon

The full moon in May is rising
Shining down on the blue ocean
I sit alone and wait for him
Gazing upon the bright circle

Before my dreamy eyes
Visions of love are floating away
Between the shore and the endless sky

A night-bird's song on the waters
Flows gently into my mind
Easing a wave of loneliness
And the yearning deep down
For his tender embrace

Rolling down the blooming hills
The perfumed breath of the wind
Carries away an echo of my voice
As I whisper softly... his name
To the glistening stars above

Oh! Perfect night of love !
I can feel his presence on the wind
And all my aroused senses
Dream of heaven and delight
In this magic moonlit night


His lips so sweet
Will bring to an end
The long waiting hours
When I'll hold in my longing hands
The loving face of my soul's desire